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About Joan Miro

Short biography

  • April 20, 1893. Joan Miro i Ferra was born in Barselona. He was a Spain (Catalan) painter, a sculptor, designer and ceramist;
  • Since 1907 he studied at School of Art la Lonha. His teacher there was Modest Urgel;
  • In 1910 he studied book-keeping courses at Commercial School in Barselona by his parents` insistence, later he worked as an accountant;
  • In 1911 he had very bad illness and was treated on his parents` farm in Montroige. That place became the permanent source of his inspiration. He finally decided to become an artist;
  • Since 1912 he had been studying at the private school of Art of Fransisco Galy in Barselona. The first pictures were appeared there;
  • In 1914 -the first well known work "The Farmer"
  • In 1915 - the ending of studying at school of Galy, the first workshop in Barselona, the six- months service in army;
  • 1917,February 16 - the first personal exhibition but no one from sixty-four pictures written in fowistic style were not sold ("Self-Portrait", "Portrait of E.C. Ricart" and others). "I think that after the giant pressing of impressionists, post-impressionists, symbolists, after fowists and cubists.....we had come to free art the special stress was made on inner vibrations of a creative soul. This contemporary analytic moving." (from a letter to Ricar)
  • 1918 - changing of art style to direction of detailed elaboration ("The Vegetable Garden with Donkey", "The Waggon Tracks" and others)
  • winter 1918/1919 - works for the pictures "A girl's portrait", "Self-Portrait"
  • 1920 - the first coming in Paris,meeting with Picasso and others artists. The pictures of that time were in cubism style: "Standing Nude", "The Table (Still Life with Rabbit)" and others
  • 1921 - the workshop in 45, Blume street, formation of the Group "Blume Street", his first international exhibition - it was unsuccessful, too. Painting of the famous "The Farm" bought for 5,000 franks by Ernest Hemingway;
  • 1923-1924 -beginning of the surrealist period in his creature. The more famous work are: "The Tilled Field", "The Hunter (Catalan Landscape)", "Pastoral", "The Family"
  • 1925 - The Group "Blume Street" joined to the Moving of surrealists. "Miro - the most Surrealist of us all", - said Andre Breton
  • 1926-1927 - forming of own Miro's style which was clearer, more abstract and synthetic. "Person Throwing a Stone at a Bird", "Dog Barking at the Moon", series of works named "Painting"
  • 1928 - a trip to Holland, series of works "Holland interiors" written after influence with paintings of the world artists such as Van Dyck, Hals, Vermeer
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